Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, world!

So, this is going to be that slightly awkward post where I'm trying to introduce myself, but, instead, I just end up throwing too many random things at you. Shall we begin?

My name is Brielle. I enjoy being random and I've always enjoyed being different, relishing in being strange, embracing the weird. Perhaps this is why I enjoy writing. Maybe I don't get all of my weird out in real life. Maybe I have to spread my weirdness into someplace else, where I can shape the places and events, and make them embrace their oddity as well.

I'm a teenager, fourteen. I like converse and music, though, don't you dare call me "emo." I'm slightly addicted to nail polish. I'm COMPLETELY obsessed with Twitter. Today I might've started a dependency on coffee.

With this blog, I'll be posting thoughts that relate to writing and inspiration and other things that I like. I have another blog, if you'd like to check that out. You can find it here. I do book reviews and other bookish things.

This blog will be changing a bit, but I do hope you like it. It still needs some work, obviously, but that'll all come later. Posting might not be frequent, but I will post as I have relevant thoughts about writing. As I said above, this isn't my main blog, therefore, the main one is my priority.

If you're a writer, or a reader, or a teen who kind of likes what I've talked about here, then feel free to leave me a comment. What do you guys want to hear me talk about?

I understand that I am obviously not a published author. I don't work in publishing or editing. These are only my thoughts.

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