Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Music

I find that a lot of people who write seem to have this ongoing obsession with sharing/hoarding the music that they listen to while writing. I see people on twitter, swapping links to songs that they adore, that has helped shape their work for a few days. Everyone appears to be convinced that you must write to music.

While I love music, and I both enjoy reading and writing while listening to it, I feel silence is important. There's so much beauty in silence, sometimes. I almost always write to music, because I tend to try to focus on background sounds, and music just adds a better backdrop for me. However, before I write, I turn off the TV and the music, and just listen. When you have silence, there's nothing preventing you from hearing your mind speak. You hear your characters' voices instead of a singer's. You think about your story instead of the one that's currently being presented on TV.

There's something enchanting about silence before you write. Many people read before they write, to get a feel for the written word. Lots of others watch movies or crank up the volume. I lie down and stare at the ceiling, collecting my thoughts.

I'll say this:

There's power in music.

But I'll also say this:

For me, there's more in silence.


Cary Cheyenne. said...

Great post, Brielle! I agree with you that sometimes silence is golden, although I do love my music too. Your blog is adorable :)

Brielle said...

@Cary Thanks! :) I quite like it. Maybe here I can be sillier and have a better writing style, since this is a writer blog. :)