Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am that mother.

I am the mother who constantly gushes about her children, saying how lovely they are, how well-behaved and polite. I am the shouting mother that sits in the bleachers, waving like a madman at my kid, screaming words of encouragement. I am the mom who buys all of the bumper stickers for her car, with cheeky slogans like, "My kid is on the honor roll!" and "Question authority, but never question your mother."

I'm sure at least one person that reads this post will be confused at that statement. I'm a fourteen year old girl. Surely I don't have kids.

Of course I don't. *Shakes head* Let me finish.

Recently, I've realized that I can find my characters in nearly everything. I find myself thinking, "Oh, this song really reminds me of Laina and her problem with that and how she need to do this," and "I bet Aaron would've loved this book. I bet he would've really, really adored it."

Am I the only one who does this? I'm genuinely curious. Every time I so much as mention my characters or book, before the words roll off my tongue, I wonder, "Am I seriously talking about this again? I bet it bugs this person."

I can't decide if this is normal or if I'm conceited when it comes to my books. I'm fairly sure it's not the latter, because, and you can ask people who know how I am when I write, really fond of deleting things and not having backups, because I honestly think it won't matter later. I'm not overly confident when it comes to my writing, so is this normal?

Is this good or bad? Honestly, I can see both ways.

If it's good, then I'm making progress. I can easily be inspired and there's nearly always something to inspire me.

If it's bad, then maybe music and books and TV and all of the things that inspire me will have too much influence on me.

Guys. I don't know. I honestly don't know how these things work. I'm just weird. Ahhhh.

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Amelia James said...

All writers are a little weird. That's normal.