Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A quote (and a question)

I have no clue who you people are, that are following this blog, but I kind of adore you. Just wanted to say that. :)

But, along with that, I have a question. Most of the time, when people have blogs dedicated to writing, they include small excerpts of their writing. I'm not stupid, and I know that putting your work online isn't always a good idea, but I don't plan on just putting entire chapters on here. A few sentences that I like, maybe. I'll do it today and if you guys don't care, just leave a comment and say that you don't want to read anything. I'll stop doing it if none of you want to see it.

So, here we go.

"A weak breeze pushes a few strands of my hair into the air and the contrast nearly makes me smile, looking like spilled ink over purple paper. I imagine, for a moment, that it's why the sky looks like darkened lavender, that someone spilled ink across it and now it's mixing and fading into it."

Alright, guys. Let me know if you guys want me to keep doing this or not.

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