Thursday, October 20, 2011

On underwriting

I've never been much of a plotter. I'm one of those people who hates figuring out the entire story and then writing it down. It gets boring. It feels repetitive and I despise it. So I half-plot, half-write as I go.

This has spelled some issues for me in the past. I've started four different drafts of the novel I'm editing now before I realized what was wrong with it. And trust me, it was way crazy wrong. And I'm now working on adding another major element to the aforementioned novel.

What I'm getting at with this would be that I am known to speedwrite. I finished this draft, the first semi-solid product I've gotten out of this idea, in around four months. I typically get obsessed with writing on an idea to the point that I do get things done.

But, along with being a speedwriter, I'm an underwriter.

I don't plot most of my novel out before I start writing it. Therefore, I spend a lot of time feeling my way around the plot, figuring out what needs to happen. I write quick, short books that need to be expanded upon.

The way I've always tried to describe this goes like this:

My first drafts are more like very long outlines than very short books. I go through and write what feels right for the story. Later, I'll expand on everything, add detail, rephrase things. Basically, I write semi-crappy books with pretty good ideas (I'm probably biased, but you know.) and then polish the hell out of them.

Yes, editing does take a while for me at the moment. I'm in school and I'm nothing but a teenager. I don't really plan on trying to get published anytime soon (That's another post for another day.), but I will continue to write. I've been writing for years now. Four years of being obsessed with writing are great, but I've not ever done much editing. So I'll start now and figure out how to do it before I try to make it a huge part of my life.

Underwriting is okay, I think, as long as you make sure to expand on everything later. If you're a pantser and an underwriter, know that your book has just as much potential as anyone else's.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go back to editing/expanding.

Happy writing.

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