Friday, November 4, 2011

Challenge accepted.

I am curious to see how much progress I can make in a day. With some healthy competition. *coughs* Inspired by this and this.

We're trying to get to 2K more words by midnight. It's 10:05 PM right now. Here goes.

10:05: I must not listen to Brendon Urie and his very nice voice. It's too distracting. No matter how much I like it. *changes to Regina Spektor.* Okay. Working. Now.

10:12: I meant now. Obviously.

10:31: Must google stuff. GOOGLE AWAY.

10:42: Finished the googling. Wrote for a bit. At 539. I hate you, research. HATE YOU.


10:47: Ahem. Back to work.

10:57: Informed that I am still beating my opponent. Yay? I think. Still not to 1K. Will do this. *turns up music* 748 words.

11:14: Slightly distracted, but at 958 words. Will get to 2k. I must. MUST.

11:20: Six minutes opening a pickle jar. Like a boss.

11:30: CRAP CRAP CRAP WORK WORK. Bad Twitter. Bad cool author who was answering questions on Formspring (Not really. Just bad me for reading so many.).

12:00: So, I got 1,780. I am okay with this. It was pretty freaking close to 2K.

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